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Recent Cow Elk Photos of Arizona Guided Hunts

2012-13 Rates for Cow Elk Hunt: $1,850.00/person (1on1); $1,450.00/person (2on1)

arizona cow elk antlerless elk

Charles Macintire with a giant Arizona antlerless cow elk.  Taken in December 2011.


arizona cow elk hunting

Josh Tofield with his big Arizona cow elk.  This was Josh's first big game animal! (Oct. 2011)


arizona cow elk hunting

Brian Healy with a cow elk he shot at 223 yards using his .30-06. (Dec. 2010)


Cow Elk in Arizona

Jen Anderson shot this giant cow elk at over 200 yards


arizona cow elk

Chase Karvanek with a big cow elk taken on the Junior Elk Hunt in Arizona.  Chase shot this cow off his knee at 150 yards with a .30-06.


cow elk

Large Arizona Cow elk taken by Randy Schreifels of Minnesota 


cow elk

Royce Fischer of Washington with a tender Arizona cow elk taken at 200 yards 


cow elk

This big Arizona cow elk was taken by Scott Ridgley from Minnesota 


cow elk

Cow elk taken by Jeremy Grogen.  Notice the bulging eyeball.  For some strange reason, the eyeballs popped out when this cow was shot and they had to be pushed back in for photos! 


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