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Guides and Outfitters

Mountain Lion on the Kaibab in Arizona

Nothing gets the blood pumping more than coming up on hounds that have bayed or treed a mountain lion! Our lion guide offers 6-day cougar hunts behind well-trained dogs in the rugged mountains of Arizona. The guide is recognized as one of the top houndsmen for dry ground cougar hunting. Opportunity is normally high on these hunts if you are in good shape. Hunting is done in both Southern Arizona (dry) and Northern Arizona (snow possible).

Please note: Our hunts can be physically demanding at times because hunting is done in mountainous terrain. Hunters are encouraged to condition themselves before arrival in order to increase their odds.

Seasons: The best times to hunt are during the cooler months of November through March.

Licenses/Tags: Arizona lion tags are over-the-counter or can be purchased by mail before you arrive. There is NO DRAW. Tag fee for non-residents: $75.00 and hunting license for non-residents is $160.00.

Weapon Types can be archery, muzzleloader, centerfire rifle or centerfire handguns. Shots are typically within 100 yards, so weapon choice is not as critical as other big game hunts. The .223 bolt action to .30-30 lever action will work fine. Ideal Handgun calibers are .41, .44 or similar.

Rates for 2015

5 day Guided Mountain Lion Hunts are $5,000.00 per person.

Package includes: Meals, field transportation, field accommodations (bunkhouse, tent camps or trailer), packing out of animal, trophy prep and a guide.

Airport pickup is not available for lion hunts. Flying hunters will need to rent a vehicle and will be notified where to meet.

Cost for licenses and tags, butchering, shipping of meat, hotel stay before/after hunt, rental car (if flying) are the hunter's responsibility.

A minimum 50% nonrefundable deposit and hunt contract is required to book a hunt. The remaining balance is due 21 days prior.

Meet your guide Randy with a big Northern Arizona Tom mountain lion.


Latest Mountain Lion Photos

arizona mountain lion cougar

Southern Arizona Mountain Lion taken by Claude Sanchez. Notice: dry ground, no snow.


arizona mountain lion hunting


arizona mountain lion guide


mountain lion


arizona mountain lion cougar guide


arizona mountain lion

A big snow storm allowed easy tracking for Randy and the dogs. Northern Arizona


arizona mountain lion

Another Tom taken in the snow. Northern Arizona.


arizona mountain lion hunt

Barry Hickerson from Nevada with a giant 170 lb Tom mountain lion. Northern Arizona.

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