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Arizona Outfitters and Guides for

Black Bear Hunting

Some of our Bear Hunt Photos from Long Ago!

bear guides in arizona hunting 

Guide Pat Feldt and youth hunter Bobby who shot this big bear at 410 yards with one shot!


 predator calling for bears 

Mike shot this bear in the scrub oak thickets after his guide called it into an opening using a predator call.  The shot was 230 yards.  


Patrick with a big brown-phased Arizona black bear. 


arizona cinnamon bear 

Guide Mike with hunter Joe and his cinnamon bear.  This bear charged Joe and was taken at 10 feet.  Read Joe's article


arizona record bear 

Steve's big bear has a cinnamon head and back, 7 feet long and 20-9/16" skull! Watch the video of the hunt.


big arizona black bear 

Rodney of Dallas, TX with a 6½ foot Arizona bear. 


giant bear foot 

Sasquatch is down! This huge bear officially scored 21-11/16" and measured just under 8 feet!


arizona silky fur black bear 

Greg of Maryland with a huge Arizona bear sow. The bear caught us off guard and had to be stopped with a predator call.


predator calling for bears

Tom with a nice black bear that was called in with a predator call.


chocolate color bear 

Steve from Texas with a chocolate-phased black bear.  Steve used a 7mm magnum. 


big arizona black bear 

Howard and Outfitter Pat Feldt with a HUGE black bear. 


arizona cinnamon bear 

Taxidermist Gavin with a cinnamon bear that he took with us. 


Arizona bears come to the deserts in August (our archery season) looking for ripe prickly pear cactus fruit.


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