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List of References



Note:  These are some of our past hunters that have given us permission to use them as references. These contacts are provided only to those prospective hunters looking to book a hunt and should not be used for any other purpose.  Feel free to contact not only hunters that hunted your preferred species, but contact hunters that went on a different type of hunt as well.  This will give you a really good idea of how we operate and what to expect.


Jeff K. (Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt)


Testimonial: "I highly recommend Pat Feldt of AZ Guided Hunts. Pat's experience and professionalism were key factors in my punching a once-in-a-lifetime Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep tag."
Denton S. (Bear Archery Hunt)


Testimonial: "I want to thank you and Eliot again for the hunt of a lifetime! I wish you well and continued success."
Woody C. (Coues Deer Hunt)


Testimonial: "Thanks again for a great hunt! It was a pleasure spending time with you and really great hunting with a true professional who takes pride in his work the way you do."
Scott T. (Gould's Turkey Hunt)


Testimonial: "Pat, you definitely go out of your way to make it a trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much for helping me finish my Royal Slam. It wouldn't have happened without you!"

Kevin M. (Turkey, Javelina)


Testimonial: "What else can I say. You're hunting with Pat Feldt...You're hunting with THE BEST!"

Justin Y. (Coues deer hunt)


Testimonial: "We enjoyed your professionalism and passion...Your knowledge and experience of Coues deer was impressive...Great camp, excellent food and accommodations!

Shaun S.  (Archery Coues Deer Hunt)


Richard M. (Archery Bear Hunt)


Testimonial: "I had wanted to take a bear with a bow for many years and you helped make that dream come true."


Sam S. (Bear Archery Hunt)


Testimonial: "That bear hunt will be tough to duplicate. The camp, gear, scouting and planning was top shelf. For a guy who looks forward to a few weeks in the field each year, it was a privilege to spend time with guys who live it every week!"
Greg N.  (Archery Coues Deer Hunt)


Phillip M.  (Archery Coues Hunt)


Scott C.  (Archery deer/javelina)



Travis H. (Bear Hunt)


Testimonial: "Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime for me and Wendy.  We enjoyed it immensely and would not hesitate to book another trip with Pat.  This is something that I have always dreamed of doing and it actually kind of feels like a dream that it happened.  Many thanks go to Pat, Bryan and Eliot for your help."

Mark D.  (Bear Hunt)


Testimonial: "Each of Pat’s guides have been with him for a long time and I can see why.  He’s fair, honest, and hardworking and wants you to succeed.  If you’re after a nice bear and want some guides who will work hard for you, give Pat a call.  You will not be disappointed."

Andy C.  (Desert Bighorn Sheep)


Testimonial: "It only lasted one day, but it was the most incredible hunt of my life! Thank you Pat for all your hard work and making this dream a reality!"

Anthony R. (Archery Coues, Rifle Coues, Archery Elk, Archery Javelina, Archery mule deer Hunts)


Testimonial: "The best guide I've ever had."

Rob H. (Mule Deer, Javelina, Elk Hunts)


Testimonial: "Pat is a great guide and fun guy!  My family and I have so much fun on his hunts!"

Darrell P.   (Coues Deer)


Testimonial: Many thanks for a fantastic hunting experience! I can't wait to get back to Maine and tell everyone what a great time I had. You run a top notch and professional operation and I look forward to hunting with you again.


Mike H. (Coues, Javelina, mule deer)



Gary Grindstaff  (Elk and Coues Hunts)


Testimonial: "Pat and his guides will work hard to find your game.  Just practice shooting, be in shape and they will do their part!"

Bruce C.  (Gould's Turkey Hunt)


 Eric D.  (Bull Elk Hunt)


Testimonial: "Awesome hunt!  I harvested the giant bull of my dreams on the first morning."

George (G.O.) H. (Bear Hunt)


Testimonial: "Unlike some other hunts I've been on, these guides worked their butts off!" 

Phillip F.   (Coues Deer, javelina)


Testimonial: Thank you for guiding me to my first deer.  It has got to be one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had!  

Dave W.  (Coues Hunt)


Jason P. (Bear Hunt) 

Testimonial: "We received the report on the bear  and he was aged at 12 years old!!  Thanks again for an awesome hunt!! I will be planning another hunt in the near future."
Bill B. (Desert Bighorn Sheep)


 Testimonial: "Pat is the Bighorn Sheep Whisperer!  Our hunt together was definitely the highlight of my hunting career and will always be one of my fondest memories."

Scott M. (Javelina and Coues Hunt)


Jason P. (Bear Hunt)


Dan R.    (Desert Sheep, Elk)


Testimonial: "Pat has Eagle Eyes!  This was truly a once in a lifetime hunt and it finished off my Big 10.  The giant 9-year old ram was much more than I had ever hoped for!"

Dr. Dennis T. (Antelope Hunt)


Mark L. (Coues Deer Hunt)


Ken H.    (Bull Elk)


Testimonial: "I now have elk fever badly!  I'll keep trying for another tag, and next time, we will get an even bigger one!"

Steve C. (Bear Hunt)


Testimonial: "The most exciting hunt I've ever been on!  You won't be disappointed!"

Gavon W. (Bear Hunt)


Brian V.  (Desert Bighorn Sheep)


Testimonial: "Thanks for a great ram and all the work you put into the hunt.  I also appreciate the great video footage."

Lance L. (Antelope Hunt)


Testimonial: "We saw many antelope and Pat found the trophy I was looking for.  He did an excellent job."

Gabriel L.  (Desert Bighorn Sheep)


Testimonial: Thank you for all your time, hard work and dedication to make this dream possible.  Taking the largest Nelson desert ram in AZ for the year was much more than I ever expected."

David H.   (Coues Deer)


Testimonial: "I have been on a lot of hunts and this one was top notch.  My only suggestion is that you need a larger dinner table."

Dr. Robert S.  (Turkey Hunt, Javelina)


Testimonial: "I appreciate the work you put into the hunt.  The javelina mount reminds me of good times!"

Jack M. (Bear Hunt)


Testimonial: Pat and his guides "worked very hard to find me a 20 year-old bear."

Ed M.   (Bull Elk)


Testimonial: "I have hunted elk for many years and finally took a good 6X6.  I couldn't have done it without you."

Lee B.  (Bear Hunt and Coues)


Ron H.  (Desert Bighorn Sheep)


Testimonial: "You can glass up rams like no other! I'm halfway there to my Grand Slam!"  

Randy K.  (Elk and Javelina)


Testimonial: "My son has tagged on the first day each time.  Great guide!"

Mark M. (Gould's Turkey)


Kipp M. (Archery Coues)


Testimonial: "I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciated the hunt.  Everything down to the choice of your employees.  Jake is a very competent guide, as well as a personable and genuine guy.  You run a very organized operation, which is not something I say about many people."

Charles F.   (Archery Bear, Coues, Turkey)


Testimonial: "Thanks for a great bow hunt!  Getting a turkey only added to it.  I will be back."

Paul S. (Bear Hunt)


Don S.  (Elk Hunt, Coues)



Testimonial: "My buddies were jealous when I showed them my big bull."

Brian L.   (Desert Bighorn Sheep)

Testimonial: "Don't let your once-in-a-lifetime tag go to waste.  I tried on my own and soon realized I needed a guide..... Pat's experience helped me obtain the biggest ram ever to be taken out of the area."

Mike T.  (Elk Hunt)


Testimonial: "Walking up to my bull, he was more than I had ever hoped for!"

Jim W.  (Mule Deer, Coues Deer)


Testimonial: "I was so excited when the Coues buck went down.  All that hard work had paid off!"

Rick B. (Javelina and Turkey Hunts)

Testimonial: "Pat is the real deal!  Make sure you can shoot straight! I was extremely happy with both trips, but I will never forget missing that turkey!!!  In the long run, you only buy the experience and it was quite a trip.  I will be back, as usual."

Claude S. Jr. (Desert Bighorn Sheep)


Testimonial: "I just wanted to tell you again how thrilled I am about the Desert Ram that you put me on. It has to rank as my most memorable hunt ever.  I still can't believe it.  You are the most professional and knowledgeable guide I have ever hunted with, your camp and gear were top notch, but more importantly your knowledge of sheep and the country that they lived in was unsurpassed. I really enjoyed your company and would hunt with you for any species at any time and anywhere, I consider you a life long friend that shared a dream of mine to hunt for "Desert Bighorn Sheep."

Brent J.  (Javelina, Coues, Turkey)


Testimonial:  "Thanks again for all your hard work...You run a fantastic operation. It is great hunting with you and your guides. You all work really hard and have the experience to help your clients have successful outings."

Brian H.  (Elk Hunt, Coues, mule deer)


John W. (Gould's Turkey, bear)


Testimonial: "I have used AZ Guided Hunts for 3 different hunts. Owner Pat Feldt and his group, are professional, honest, and hardworking guides that strive to make your hunt a success. The areas are scouted, the camps are sited, the meals are planned, and expectations are discussed. If you want a genuine hunting experience in beautiful country, with a professional guide at your side, this is the outfitter to choose. Book with Pat, then get yourself in good physical condition so that you can really share in the hard work of honest success. You won't be disappointed.
James C. (Gould's Turkey)


Testimonial: "My hunt with you was by far one of my most fun hunting trips of my life. I really enjoyed the area, the wildlife, the camp, the company and the hunt!"
Lou G. (Gould's Turkey Hunt)




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