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Our Policy

Cancellations, Terms, Conditions


Spaces are limited and on a first-come basis. Upon notifying the outfitter that you would like to book a hunt for a certain species and timeframe, you will be emailed or sent a hunt contract. We will then hold the spot in "good faith" for 7 days to allow for it's return. The hunt contract may include the policies below:

A minimum nonrefundable deposit (usually 50% of hunt cost) and a service contract is required upon booking a hunt. The remaining balance is due at least 21 days prior to the hunt. No hunt will be considered booked until the outfitter receives the deposit AND hunt contract. The deposit and/or any payments are nonrefundable. The hunt cannot be transferred from one person to another, except under one condition. A canceling hunter can transfer his/her hunt to a replacement hunter only if the tags for the hunt are over-the-counter and not on a lottery draw. The hunter is responsible for finding his/her replacement. If the hunter cancels a hunt, the deposit will NOT be refunded; though, it can be applied towards any vacant hunt of equal or greater value and only if a permit or tag can be easily obtained (i.e. over-the-counter or high draw odds) for the rescheduled timeframe. The balance due will be adjusted if there is a difference in hunt fees. This rescheduling can only be done one time. Furthermore, if the hunter cancels and chooses to apply the deposit to another future hunt, the rescheduled hunt date must be within one year of the original hunt date. If a 2 on1 partner cancels, he/she loses his deposit and the remaining hunter will be required to pay the 1 on 1 rate.

There are no refunds. All hunts must be paid in full before any hunting takes place. Although the main goal is for each hunter to fill his tag or kill, it is not a guarantee. The hunter is not paying for an animal, but rather, for a hunt. The hunter assumes all risks involved in hunting. The outfitter or guide cannot control WHEN, WHERE, or IF the game will be found because wild game animals can be unpredictable. Sometimes animals may be found in steep or undesirable areas. The hunter assumes all risks associated with hunting. Once a hunter fills his/her tag, the hunt is over. There is no refund for unused days, such as: late arrivals, tagging-out early, departing early, bad weather, unexpected events, Acts of God or any event that may slow or stop a hunt. We break camp and depart if all hunters tag-out early; which means, for example, if all hunters in camp tag-out by the second day, the goal was accomplished and the hunt is over on that second day. A successful big game hunter that tags earlier than the other hunters has the option of departing if using his/her own transportation or staying until all hunters are finished. A hunter that bags the wrong animal type for his tag (e.g., doe, cow, hen, ewe) or exceeds the bag limit, even by mistake, will need to be reported to the authorities and the hunt will end. Hunters must also understand that qualified guides other than the outfitter may guide them. It is not possible for the outfitter (Pat Feldt) to personally guide all hunters. These terms and conditions are a common practice among most outfitters.


Cancellation Travel Insurance Recommended

We strongly recommend cancellation/travel insurance for all of our guests. If you have an unexpected circumstance which causes a cancellation of your hunt or trip, outfitters and others in the travel industry will not refund your deposit. A cancellation/travel insurance policy is the solution. You can be reimbursed for monies forfeited if unforeseeable circumstance happen to occur. It is very reasonably priced (usually about 5% of travel/hunt costs) and well worth it. There are companies that offer plans specifically catered to hunting trips. Just Google search for travel insurance for hunting trips or speak to your insurance agent.  Travel Guard Sportsman's is one of them.


Hunters interested in booking any hunt should contact us as soon as possible because spaces are limited and are filled usually 2 months to a year in advance.

Payment Types Accepted: Personal Checks or Cashier's/Bank Checks are preferred. But, we can accept electronic payments through Zelle (Note: Your bank has a Zelle daily, weekly, and monthly sending limit).

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